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Bonsai Pots

To every pot fits a cover, or to every plants that is a bonsai there is the right container that can become his home for years...

The passion for bonsai soon made me come to the fabrication of my own pots. The road is long and so much is to learn to form a clumb of clay into a container. 

From the first idea, to the raw material, to the rough shape, to the details and the finished raw pot, to the firing and glazing, every creation is unique and never repetitive. So is the style, form and expression.

If you are looking for a specific size, style or color to match your tree, feel free to contact me for a truly unique, handmade piece of art! 

All pots are high fired and frostproof with a design that embraces classic Japanese aesthetics with modern interpretation that will not expire and contribute to the evolving art form of bonsai

Please have a look at the selection of pots created !!!

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