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 Born in 1976 in Hamburg, Germany, Philip's journey has been marked by a deep appreciation for Japanese culture, the Zen philosophy, and the artistry of sword making.

He is visionary artist and designer who tries to blends his passion for bonsai, nature, and traditional craftsmanship into his creations.

Duiring an apprenticeship in Auto Mechanics with Jaguar Automobiles he honed his technical skills and developed an eye for precision.


Driven by creativity, Philip studied Industrial Design in Munich, to better understand form, function, and aesthetics.

After a diploma in Jewelry and Metal Design from HAWK-Hildesheim, Germany, 

Philip has had the privilege of working with design companies in the luxury and design industry, such as the German brand Montblanc and the legendary Danish design Brand Jacob Jensen.

Their values of durability, timeless aesthetics, and meticulous attention to detail became a principle.


Designs can breath life into everyday objects to integrate practical functionality with a touch of elegance reflecting a harmonious balance between Nordic design principles and the captivating aesthetics of Japanese traditions, resulting in timeless pieces that evoke a sense of  quite tranquility, simplicity and maybe even the wonders of nature

The direct contact with nature, on exciting camping and hiking trips in the nearby mountain regions are a source of inspiration for his work. A deep respect for nature and the love for traditional craftsman ship, transforms into pottery designs, jewellery, decoration and art pieces .

 A Fusion of Craftsmanship, Nature and Timeless Design


The philosophy

Uniting Handmade Products with Soul

With KLAR Creations, I bring together the artistry of handmade products with a soulful essence. I believe in the power of craftsmanship and the intrinsic value it adds to every creation.

Inspired by the elements of Earth, wind, water, and fire, our carefully chosen materials, such as wood, metal, leather and clay, play a vital role in shaping our timeless objects.

Drawing inspiration from the rich heritage of Japanese culture and craftsmanship, I pay homage to the art of bonsai and its creation.

The intricate and deliberate process of nurturing bonsai trees aligns with our commitment to creating objects that embody a sense of mindfulness, harmony, and natural beauty.

Just as the bonsai artist carefully cultivates their tree, we meticulously craft each piece, infusing it with intention, care, and attention to detail.

The result is a collection of products that not only serve their practical purpose but also radiate a profound sense of artistry and soulfulness.

By embracing the principles of Japanese culture and handcraft, I honor tradition while incorporating contemporary design elements.

The creations try to embody the timeless aesthetics and delicate balance found in Japanese art, offering a harmonious blend of elegance, simplicity, and functionality.

I strive to create objects that resonate with individuals who appreciate the beauty of handmade craftsmanship and seek meaningful connections with the items they surround themselves with, like our trees... Each piece carries its own story and passion put into the work.


At KLAR Creations, I invite you to experience the magic of  handmade products with a soul.

Embrace the essence of Japanese culture, Wabi Sabi and the the art of bonsai with the artistry of our creations as they hopefully add a touch of beauty and serenity to your life.

What others say... (8)

Just received the pot today.  The clay body is even better than the pictures!

Thank you! Can’t wait to find which tree will occupy the pot.



Hi Philip

Today I received the absolutely lovely bijouterie in horn - thank you so much, I love all of it. And thank you for the additional dragon fly :)) 

I made a bank transfer on April 26, to pay for the gingko hairpin. Would you perhaps confirm? 

All best



Lieber Philip, die Bänder sind da und sind OBERGEIL!!!! fett! danke!! irina hat sich voll gefreut, Henry hat gegluckst :-)

Erinnert voll an Ibiza und Irina meinte, das könntest Du auch ausbauen und lieber da wohnen und Spaß haben und Schmuck anbieten :-) Könnte Deine Insel sein, und auch Dein Publikum... anyway, ich melde mich nachher, wollte nur mal kurz unsere Freude mit Dir geilen Sau teilen :-) Geld ist auch schon überwiesen!

lieben Gruss Dein florian

Reakce na

Hallo Florian,

Mensch das ging ja mega schnell mit der Post...!

Freut mich das die Bänder gefallen und Euch Freude machen :-)

Das war der Plan.

Habt frohe Pfingsten,

viele Grüße



(14. 4.)

Hi Philip

Hope you are well. The ring  arrived today, it fits perfectly, girlfriend is very happy

Thanks very much for sorting out 




(14. 4.)

So toll dein Armband !!!!!!! Trage es Tag und Nacht ! Boris


(14. 4.)

Hi Philip, I hope this email finds you well.

Thank you for your email, yes, I received the order today. There are really beautiful and I am very impressed with the packed and attention to details.

I will definitely recommend your products.

Thank you again 


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