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White pine planted on origami style bonsai pottery

Bonsai Pottery square DIN A4 unglazed shohin size with white pine 30x21cm

SKU: 2403-4

Featuring a futuristic abstract design inspired by the Japanes Origami folding technique,

the pot and tree are floating in space like lifting off from gravity. 


It is planted with a young pine tree surfing through the galaxy, secured with tie down wire, that over time will mature with the guiding help of the owner.


This pot is handmade of black stoneware, fired to 1250 degrees and frostproof with an interesting structure resembling a space landscape. 



Dimensions: L 30cm  B 21cm H 4cm

total weight: 453g


plant :

white pine, pinus halepensis, 6years old, hight 20cm 


For care instructions on pine trees see the amazing rich recource from Harry Harrington on


  • Dimensions

    L 30cm  B 21cm H 4cm

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