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Stone on bonsai pottery screwed on

Bonsai Pot rectangular unglazed for landscapes with hole for stones 42x30x12cm

SKU: 2403-3

This Shohin size Bonsai pot is perfect for creating stunning landscape compositions with your Bonsai trees.

Handcrafted from high-quality stoneware, this rectangular pot measures 42x30x12cm, making it ideal for displaying smaller Bonsai trees.

The unglazed finish gives the pot a natural, rustic look and the option to screw in stones allows for creative design options, such as root over rock compositions.

Additionally, this pot is fired to a high temperature for frost resistance, ensuring its durability in various outdoor conditions.


Large drainage holes ensure good drainage, strong root growth and flexible fixation possibilities

  • Dimensions

    L 42cm W30cm H 12cm