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Please have a look at the pieces and let them inspire you...


We burn it usually, it keeps us warm, but sometimes there is another beauty to be found within..!

Structures developed by the time and the influence of it's environment...

Sometimes creatures live in it or from it and leave behind their traces of unveiling beauty.

The essence can be found and sometimes recognized or interpreted as an image...It's not alwavs what we see to be the real truth but what lies beyond...More than the exterior it's interior qualities that show the connection of time and environment.

Eternal shapes, geometric patterns of the structures within. Like a society that is transforming and reacting to influences of decay, transformation and rebirth.

As our difficult situation challenges us with some core values that have to withstand the test, we see what is left behind.

Everybody has a different point of view. But maybe there is something connecting us all with life and its limits and thou very precious to be shared with one another...!

In times of uncertainty these pieces can bring us something closer and connect us with the soul of forgotten values...


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